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The Sony INT-W100 is a Classic WebTV box manufactured by Sony. It was one of the two original WebTV units released at launch. It used a 33.6k modem, and had 2 MB of RAM, ROM, and flash memory.

Technical Specifications

  • CPU: IDT/NKK1 R4640 @ 112 MHz
  • RAM: 2 MB (NEC D481850GF-A12 128k x 32Bit x 2 Banks SGRAM)
  • Boot ROM: 2 MB (2x 1 MB proprietary WebTV-manufactured mask ROM chips; U0503 & U0504)
  • Flash: 2 MB (2x 8-Mbit AMD AM29F800BT Flash memory; U0501 & U0502)
  • WebTV FIDO ASIC - handles graphics and system logic
  • DS2401 Silicon Serial ID chip
  • V.34 Rockwell modem chipset (L3903-57 microcontroller and RC288DPi modem data pump)
  • Philips SAA7187WP Digital Video Encoder
  • IDT 71256 SRAM
  • Atmel AT27C010-45JC OTP EPROM
  • Winbond W83C42P Keyboard Controller

  • WebTV Port
  • Video Out (RCA composite and S-Video, optional RFU adaptor)
  • PS/2 port
  • IR receiver
  • Smart card slot
  • AC in


1. Starting around late 1998, WebTV Networks started manufacturing old Classic boxes with R4640 CPUs from NKK and ceased the use of CPUs from IDT.

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