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Wipes a WebTV/MSN TV box's service list clean. This is usually used by the headwaiter to define a brand new service list on an individual box.


The typical format of the wtv-service header is "x=y" parameters separated by a single space. They can define the name, IP and corresponding port, flags, and maximum connections of a WTVP service. If the server feels it should define multiple IPs for a single service, it can simply send another wtv-service header for the same service but with a different IP.

Parameter Names

  • "name": Defines the name of a WTVP service. Required.
  • "host": Defines the IP (IPs if multiple wtv-service headers for the same service are present) of a WTVP service. Required.
  • "port": Defines the port for the corresponding IP of a WTVP service. Required.
  • "flags": Defines the service flags of a WTVP service. Value is a formatted hexadecimal string that does not have any clear documentation on it. Optional.
  • "connections": Defines the maximum connections for an IP of a WTVP service if necessary. Optional.


For our example, we will analyze a wtv-service entry for wtv-head-waiter:

name=wtv-head-waiter host= port=1601 flags=0x00000001 connections=1

The "name" parameter defines the service name as "wtv-head-waiter", as stated before. The "host" value tells the box that the IP it should add for the service is "". The "port" parameter specifies that the port the box should connect to on the IP address for WTVP services is 1601. While we don't know what "flags" being set to 0x00000001 means, the "connections" parameter enforces that the box can only make 1 connection to that IP during the lifetime of its activity.