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In most WTVP requests sent by boxes and capable Viewers, a wtv-capability-flags header is sent that supposedly identifies what capabilities the client firmware supports. This value takes on the form of a hexadecimal string, but it is unknown how individual capability flags are stored in this format. What is known however is that the official servers supposedly used this to determine what services should be available to a box and how those services should function, affecting WebTV/MSN TV branding mentioned on pages (e.g., using Plus branding for logos on some service pages if a user is on a WebTV Plus unit, or changing simple descriptions to mention the brand of WebTV/MSN TV hardware you're using, hiding links that take advantage of features one's box does not support, etc.), or what input certain services should take on the protocol level and how the server should respond, which is the case for Messenger login services.

Known OFFICIAL capability strings seen in the wild:

  • 7ee0e1599dbafef - Philips Magnavox MAT965 (New WebTV Classic); Firmware version 2.8 External Nondebug
  • 1009c92bef - Sony INT-W100 (WebTV Classic); Firmware version 1.4