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URLs for WTVP Services

URLs for wtv-news WTVP service.

URL Description Methods Supported wtv-token Present? Notes
wtv-news:/lobby Discuss index. Shows featured discussion groups (newsgroups) and related options GET, POST No On post preview pages, an invisible HTML form is injected. This form POSTs to this URL with a "hasRead" parameter. This is speculated to mark the post being viewed as read. Need more documentation on this
wtv-news:/news?group=xxxxx Page for discussion group specified in "group" query parameter. Need more documentation on this GET No
wtv-news:/news?group=xxxxx&chunk=NN Pagination for discussion group posts. Need more documentation on this GET No
wtv-news:/news?group=xxxxx&article=NN Previews discussion post as specified in "article" query parameter (observed to be a number) on target discussion group ("group" query parameter). Need more documentation on this GET No
wtv-news:/news?group=xxxxx&article=NN#nextnew Takes user to next unread post in target discussion group. Need more documentation on this GET No
wtv-news:/forward?article=NN&group=xxxxx Speculated to allow a subscriber/user to forward a discussion group post from WebTV. Need more documentation on this ??? Yes
wtv-news:/mime?group=xxxxx&article=NN&message_part_offset=NN&message_part_length=NN&wtv-title=xxxxx Appears to be used for discussion group attachments. Need more documentation on this GET ? "message_part_offset" and "message_part_length" are integers. "wtv-title" appears to be the attachment name. "message_stationery" and "Name" are also observed variables (http://turdinc.kicks-ass.net/Msntv/ulTRAX/matttricks.htm; "Previewer Secrets")
wtv-news:/news?search=xxxxx Performs a search for discussion groups GET No
wtv-news:/news?category=NN Previews all discussion groups in Discuss. Need more documentation on this GET No
wtv-news:/news?browse=xxxxx Previews a subset of a discussion group tree. Need more documentation on this GET No
wtv-news:/map?map=xxxxx&mapType=mBranch Shows a directory tree of the discussion group subset. Need more documentation on this GET Yes What does "mapType" do?