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URLs for WTVP Services

URLs for wtv-chat/wtvchat WTVP service.

URL Description Methods Supported wtv-token Present? Notes
wtv-chat:/chat Chat index page GET Yes(?)
wtv-chat:/MakeChatPage?usingMSNchat=false&host=xxxxx&port=6667&channel= Loads page where the Chat server (IRC/MSN Chat)'s channels are listed. If "channel" query parameter is specified, it loads a specialized chat pane for it. Need more documentation on this. GET ?
wtv-chat:/type Page to specify an IRC server to connect to GET ?
wtv-chat:/talk-city Speculated to be an old URL for Chat (TalkCity). Need more documentation on this ??? ?
wtv-chat:/webtv/HowTo.html Speculated to be a how-to page for WebTV/MSN TV Chat. Need more documentation on this GET(?) ?
wtv-chat:/webtv/rooms.html ??? ??? ?
wtv-chat:/webtv/rules.html Speculated to be a rules page for WebTV/MSN TV Chat. Need more documentation on this GET(?) ?
wtv-chat:/deliver-msn-category-list ??? ??? ?