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URLs for WTVP Services

URLs for wtv-flashrom WTVP service.

URL Description Methods Supported wtv-token Present? Notes
wtv-flashrom:/get-by-path?path=xxxxx Starts download of flash/boot ROM of your choosing as specified by "path". Need more documentation on this GET No Path format: content/{vendor}[/{build-string}][/{build-type}]/{hardware-class}-part000.[b]rom

  • vendor - Supported ROM vendor. For a list of known vendor IDs: List of WebTV (MSN TV) ROM Vendor IDs
  • build-string - String that specifies the build of a ROM. Usually either build{num} or version-{num}. Only optional if build-type is "diagnostic".
  • build-type - Specifies the build type of the ROM. Build types include but aren't limited to debug builds, production builds, and specialty builds for specific use cases. Usually omitted if the build type is assumed to be a production build.
  • hardware-class - Hardware class that a ROM build supports. E.g., US-LC2-disk-0MB-8MB. For a list of known hardware classes: List of WebTV (MSN TV) Hardware Classes

Example path: content/artemis-webtv-000/build1130/nondebug-external-retail/bf0app-part000.rom

wtv-flashrom:/upgradeLaterWarning?flash-yes-version=sony-webtv2-000%2Fbryant5&do-full-download-url=&no-flash-boot-back=&poweroff-miniBrowser=&poweroff-autoPowerOn=&flash-yes-url=wtv-flashrom:/tell-me-to-flash&Query-String-0=&Query-String-1=&Query-String-2=&Query-String-3=&Query-String-4=&Query-String-5=&Query-String-6=&Query-String-7=&Flash-no-url=wtv-flashrom:/relogin "Bugfix Client Upgrade" - need more documentation on this ??? ? https://ultrick.tripod.com/URLs/flashrom.html
wtv-flashrom:/ask-for-upgrade ??? ??? ?
wtv-flashrom:/current-boot ??? GET No
wtv-flashrom:/tell-me-to-flash ??? ??? ?
wtv-flashrom:/Willie Big Willie's Flash ROM Download Center page GET No
wtv-flashrom:/willie?label=LittleWillie Little Willie page - old version of Big Willie GET No
wtv-flashrom:/current ??? GET No
wtv-flashrom:/mini-browser-request ??? ??? ?
wtv-flashrom:/relogin Performs a relogin. Need more documentation on this ??? ?
wtv-flashrom:/relogin?noflash=true Performs a relogin. Need more documentation on this ??? ?
wtv-flashrom:/relogin?CallWaitingPrefix= Performs a relogin. Need more documentation on this ??? ?
wtv-flashrom:/ShowUserRequestPage Shows upgrade/retrograde page. Need more documentation on this ??? Yes