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URLs for WTVP Services

URLs for wtv-home WTVP service.

URL Description Methods Supported wtv-token Present? Notes
wtv-home:/home Home page GET No
wtv-home:/messenger Messenger page GET No
wtv-home:/CreditsAboutWebtv ??? GET ?
wtv-home:/CreditsIntroduction Redirects to wtv-home:/Credits-Copyright? Need more documentation on this GET ? https://ultrick.tripod.com/URLs/home.html
wtv-home:/Credits-Introduction Credits landing page GET ?
wtv-home:/Credits-AboutWebTV About landing page for WebTV/MSN TV GET Yes
wtv-home:/Credits-Legal ToS page about the WebTV/MSN TV service GET Yes
wtv-home:/Credits-Copyright Copyright page for WebTV/MSN TV GET Yes
wtv-home:/credits-privacy Privacy Policy page for WebTV/MSN TV GET Yes
wtv-home:/community Community landing page GET ?
wtv-home:/preview ??? ??? ? "secret page once used for previewing ads on the Home Page"