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URLs for WTVP Services

URLs for wtv-passport WTVP service.

URL Description Methods Supported wtv-token Present? Notes
wtv-passport:/messengerlogin Used to authenticate WebTV/MSN TV users for Messenger services, if said user has a linked Microsoft Passport account. GET No Service supports login methods for MD5 and Tweener (Passport). For more information on this service that we have so far: Services/Technical/Messenger
wtv-passport:/passport-submit-create?passthrough=&user-password=xxxxx&user-password2=xxxxx&passport-domain-name=webtv.net&_region-code=5599&country=US&postal-code=NNNNN&qString=Favorite+pet%27s+name&... Speculated to be related to creating a Passport attached to a WebTV/MSN TV subscriber account. Need more documentation on this ??? Yes Other query parameters are sent with this URL, but they have been removed here for brevity.
wtv-passport:/passport-serve-create-done ??? ??? Yes