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List of known status codes used by WTVP, and their corresponding reason phrases and meanings.

Status Code Meaning Reason phrases Notes
200 Success "OK"
302 Temporary redirect "Moved temporarily"
400 Bad request "Please choose your name to start using the MSN TV service.", "Your password must be composed of letters and numbers only. Please choose a different password." (Related to Passport registration), "The password you typed isn't correct. Please type your password." Has a "wtv-field-name" header. Values currently observed are "user-id" and "password".
500 Internal server error "WebTV ran into a technical problem. Please try again." (pre-MSN TV rebrand), "MSN TV ran into a technical problem. Please try again." (MSN TV rebrand), "Incorrect password." "Incorrect password." is believed to be used when accessing service URL "wtv-head-waiter:/tricks-passwd", although this is only confirmed to be the case on a third-party private server. The other first two are speculated to appear when a service URL is either accessed in an unintended manner, or doesn't exist. It's speculated that you'll also get this error when using an invalid wtv-token suffix on service URLs that need it. Need more documentation on this.
1404 Unknown domain(?) "The publisher <domain> is unknown." Usually has a "wtv-explanation-url" header linking to a help page to explain the error in question. So far only seen in use in HTTP content proxy errors.