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The Philips Magnavox MAT960A103 is a Classic WebTV box manufactured by Philips. It was one of the two original WebTV units released at launch, albeit a slightly newer functionally identical revision. It used a 33.6k modem, and had 2 MB of RAM, ROM, and flash memory. This revision appears to change the kind of internal switch mode power supply used by the box. There are less components on-board, and this power supply is missing an extra smaller connector present on the previous revisions. The AC inlet is also black instead of the usual gray color that would have matched the box's exterior gray color.

Technical Specifications

  • CPU: NKK R4640 @ 112 MHz
  • RAM: 2 MB (NEC D481850GF-A12 128k x 32Bit x 2 Banks SGRAM)
  • Boot ROM: 2 MB (2x 1 MB proprietary WebTV-manufactured mask ROM chips; U0503 & U0504)
  • Flash: 2 MB (2x 8-Mbit AMD AM29F800BT Flash memory; U0501 & U0502)
  • WebTV FIDO ASIC - handles graphics and system logic
  • DS2401 Silicon Serial ID chip
  • V.34 Rockwell modem chipset (L3903-57 microcontroller and RC288DPi modem data pump)
  • Philips SAA7187WP Digital Video Encoder
  • IDT 71256 SRAM
  • Atmel AT27C010-45JC OTP EPROM
  • Winbond W83C42P Keyboard Controller

  • WebTV Port
  • Video Out (RCA composite and S-Video, optional RFU adaptor)
  • PS/2 port
  • IR receiver
  • Smart card slot
  • AC in

Power Supply Electrolytic Capacitor Specifications

This information applies only to power supply part number 33-00621-1. This information was provided by "maru" from the WebTV/MSN TV Discord.

  • 2x 10v 2200µF
  • 2x 10v 470µF
  • 1x 25v 100µF
  • 1x 200v 47µF


1. Starting around late 1998, WebTV Networks started manufacturing old Classic boxes with R4640 CPUs from NKK and ceased the use of CPUs from IDT. The previous "102" revision appears to present this change.

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