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Knowing that WebTV/MSN TV no longer has any real communities to allow anyone interested to discuss or share anything about it, we decided to wrangle some links to communities related to WebTV/MSN TV that alongside allowing people to revisit their nostalgia, are also more oriented towards actual discussion of the product, service, and efforts towards more nuanced hacking. The current communities we have been able to locate are very few and far between and aren't very active at the moment, but we hope you can make yourself at home in them regardless.


  • #WebTV @ (IRC) - WebTV/MSN TV-focused IRC channel hosted on General and technical discussion are allowed. Not sure if it's actively maintained anymore.
    • Connection details: Host, ports 6667 for plaintext or 6697 for TLS, channel #WebTV
  • WebTV/MSN TV Discord Server - A Discord server about anything WebTV and MSN TV run by someone I know. Also allows general discussion and encourages technical discussion. Not much else to it.