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This page is dedicated to thanking the people who helped with my efforts, people who I think are cool, or those who simply supported me during all this. Especially with how information and revival attempts for WebTV/MSN TV and products around its time aren't exactly being treated with care, it's been rough trying to put this thing together while not submitting to the urge of quitting due to the amount of doubt pressing onto me about if this will really do anything aside from collect dust. I can't thank any of you enough for being there for me with this.

Thanks to:

  • The few in the WebTV/MSN TV hacking scene who bothered to take the subject seriously. ulTRAX, eMac, and the guy who's developing that private first-gen WebTV/MSN TV revival server are a few names that pop into my head. While I might not be fond of the scene's overall habit of gatekeeping most critical information they find, I'm grateful all 3 of these people went out of their way to document and share whatever service/technical info they did bother to publicize, even if some of it had to be revealed years later and/or in private to me (wiki admin) directly. I've only ever talked to eMac and the guy running the private server though.
    • I'd like to especially thank zefie and eMac for contributing a large amount of crucial WebTV/MSN TV information and data, whether it be to us directly or indirectly - WebTV/MSN TV binaries, info on some file formats, info on parts of WTVP, info on the hardware and ROM structures, and various tools that make working with WebTV/MSN TV content easier. They were definitely a great help in bringing all this info to light.
  • The many people that operated sites covering what WebTV/MSN TV service URLs and page codes existed, which at least give a basic idea of how the service was structured and made my job of research on the service (sort of) less hard.
  • Everyone who has provided WebTV/MSN TV hard drive images for us to extract endangered content from, or other important information concerning WebTV/MSN TV as a whole.
  • The friends and other people who encouraged me to go with this idea. While some might think that it isn't worth documenting anything about WebTV/MSN TV, it really is an interesting technology to explore, and it had a chance to be properly revisited and documented when the private WebTV/MSN TV servers by zefie and MattMan69 went up. I didn't even want to make a giant wiki with all this information as I felt it'd all be useless and in vain, but I've finally gotten to my senses and whether this attracts more people or not, I want to at least leave this information up so it never disappears. Sort of like a gem hiding in the sea of other WebTV/MSN TV crap.
  • H.M. for making the WebTV/MSN TV Discord server (you know who you are)
  • Internet Archive for preserving what it could get from those WebTV/MSN TV scene sites that no longer exist. Without it there probably wouldn't be as much WTVP info to build off of when the wiki first went live.
  • The other bits and bobs of what remain of the information on WebTV/MSN TV that still exist on the internet.
  • YOU, for taking the time to look at this wiki. :)