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  • box - devices designed to support the WebTV/MSN TV hardware and firmware. While technically not hardware, "box" can also refer to WebTV Viewer software modified to allow connections to the WebTV/MSN TV network, or proper emulators, if/when the time comes
  • frontend servers - Servers that the WebTV/MSN TV box will contact to perform actions within the WebTV/MSN TV network such as first-time registration, login, and accessing services designed for WebTV/MSN TV
  • headwaiter - term to refer to login services used by WebTV/MSN TV
  • Mail Notify - a relatively unknown protocol that is assumed to deliver real time mail notifications to connected WebTV/MSN TV boxes. It is currently known to run on top of UDP
  • service URL - a URL specific to the WebTV service that makes use of a proprietary WebTV URI ("wtv-xxx:/yyy")
  • SG - "service gateway"; Used to refer to servers hosting main MSN TV 2 services
  • subscriber - a person paying for the use of the WebTV/MSN TV service. Subscribers are the ones that usually own the main account on the box
  • TellyScript - a data format designed for WebTV/MSN TV that gives a box a list of access numbers for a local area and how it should carry out dialing them
  • unit - see box
  • user - a user can mean one of two things for WebTV/MSN TV - it can simply mean a person using the WebTV/MSN TV service, or an extra user account owned under a subscriber account. The latter was used by the WebTV/MSN TV service as a means of separating subscriber accounts from accounts owned under it
  • WebTV Viewer - an official application released by WebTV Networks that simulates a WebTV/MSN TV browser. It was originally designed for usage with web developers who wanted to test their sites within the confines of WebTV/MSN TV's environment, but as discovered by hackers, the WebTV Viewer had code that was originally disabled that essentially simulated the entire firmware and connectivity to WebTV/MSN TV services, and for this reason has hacked versions circulating on the internet (which was a very recent event; up until a couple years ago these versions weren't public at all)
  • WNI - WebTV Networks
  • WTVP - WebTV Protocol. A protocol based on HTTP 1.0 that runs on top of TCP and used when communicating with frontend servers on the WebTV/MSN TV network. Supports persistent connections, compression for server responses, and encrypted communication