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MSNTV 2 SG URLs for E-mail. All are currently undocumented.

  • - Assumed to open the user's email inbox.
  • - ???
  •{folder} - Opened a folder in a user's email account. Recorded folder values are bulkmail.
  •{folder} - Function unknown. Recorded folder values are bulkmail and inbox.
  •{folder}&id={id} - Assumed to preview an email message. "id" was usually either a formatted string of MSG{random decimal number} or a GUID.
    • Optional Parameters: ts={integer} - Unsure. Possibly a timestamp?
  •{action}&folder={folder}&id={id} - Assumed to show a page for a user to write an e-mail. Recorded action values are forward.
  • - URL used for mail::check service.