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Home Page

  • - MSN TV home page. Two versions of this home page were offered under this URL - a version optimized for dial-up (looks like the home pages shown in promotional pictures) and a version for broadband, which got revamped around 2005. The kind of page that would be sent to the box would depend on either a WANProvider query parameter included in the URL when UserCheck sends the service list, or from cookies(?). While missing image assets for the dial up home page have been recovered, no trace of any HTML belonging to the broadband home pages have been found as of writing.
    • Optional Parameters: WANProvider={WANProvider} - Tells the home page how the user is connected to the MSN TV 2 service, likely used to determine what kind of home page to give to the box. Values include "MSNIANB" (connected through MSN Dial-up), "BYOAEN" (Broadband), and "BYOANB" (using another dial-up ISP).
  • - Stocks page used for the rotating pane on the home page.
  • - Weather page used for the rotating pane on the home page.
  • - MSN TV home images.
  • - HTML component files used for the MSN TV pages.
  • - CSS/JavaScript delivery service for MSN TV pages.


NOTE: This does not cover all centers. Some centers offered by MSN TV simply hotlinked sites outside the MSN TV network.


  • - News info center (Top Stories).
  • - Business headlines.
  • - Technology headlines.
  • - Health headlines.
  • - Travel headlines.
  • - Opinion and analysis headlines.
  • - Local news headlines for MSN TV user's city.
  • - Lottery results for MSN TV user's city.


  • - Weather info center.
  • - Page to look up weather info for other cities.
  • - Page to look at forecasts for up to 3 other cities.


  • - Money info center.
  • - Personalized stock quotes page.
  • - Business news headlines.
  • - MSN Money experts page.

Using MSN TV

  • - "Using MSN TV".
  • - "Things to Try".
  • - Tips page. Contains list of tips for using the MSN TV 2.
  • - MSN TV Newsletter.


  • - Entertainment info center.
  • - MSN Video home page.
  • - Sports info center.
  • - Shopping center.
  • - Games center.