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List of WTVP services known so far.


Service Name Description Common Ports Supports SECURE method?
wtv-1800 Pre-registration service for new clients. Serves TellyScript best suited for the user's area before sending the client off to headwaiter 1615 No


Service Name Description Common Ports Supports SECURE method?
wtv-aroundtown Unknown 1628 ?
wtv-author Page Builder service 1643 Yes
wtv-census-udp Specifies a UDP server for a WebTV/MSN TV client to connect to for metering services, if metering is configured to be enabled 1657 No (custom UDP protocol)
wtv-center Hosts various aggregated sections (also known as info centers) of the WebTV/MSN TV service (Around Town, Money, WebTV Today, etc.) 1639 Yes
wtv-chat Hosts Chat services 1630 Yes
wtvchat Possibly the same as wtv-chat, just with a slightly different change in name 1630 Yes(?)
wtv-content Hosts various misc. content such as video, images, and demos 1629 Yes
wtv-cookie Service for managing website cookies on individual user accounts 1619 Yes
wtv-customscript Service that facilitates creation of custom TellyScript for the box to use when dialing 1623 Yes
wtv-disk Downloadable content service for WebTV Plus units 1635 Yes
wtv-epguide Electronic Program Guide service. Used to give WebTV Plus units TV listings 1633 ?
wtv-explore2 Explore section of WebTV. As ulTRAX put it, "Explore was wasteland of ads presented as a public service" 1625 ?
wtv-explore Probably similar to wtv-explore2 1625 ?
wtv-favorite Hosts Favorites services 1611 Yes
wtv-flashrom Flash update services. Allows the box to download flash updates to the system software 1618 Yes
wtv-forum Functions similarly to wtv-news 1605 Yes
file File URI content proxy service(?). Dunno why there's a service definition for this 1650 ?
ftp Believed to be an FTP content proxy service 1650 ?


Service Name Description Common Ports Supports SECURE method?
wtv-guide Hosts Help section 1621 Yes
gopher Gopher content proxy service 1650 ?
wtv-head-waiter Headwaiter service. Handles login and serving/renewing the wtv-ticket 1601 No(?; communication is unencrypted, but we believe the server can choose to encrypt the response body)
wtv-home Hosts WebTV/MSN TV home page services and legal information 1612 Yes
http HTTP content proxy service 1650 Yes
wtv-intro Unknown 1621 ?


Service Name Description Common Ports Supports SECURE method?
wtv-log Usage logging/telemetry services 1609 Yes
wtv-mail E-mail services 1608 Yes
mailto mailto -> wtv-mail proxy service. Goes to the "Write an e-mail" page with the email address field pre-filled 1608 Yes
wtv-music Service that hosts music content for WebTV/MSN TV background music 1656 Yes
wtv-news Hosts Discuss (newsgroup) services for WebTV/MSN TV 1605 Yes
news Newsgroup URI proxy. Redirects newsgroup requests to WebTV/MSN TV's own Discuss service 1605 Yes
wtv-notices Unknown 1622 ?
wtv-onair Unknown 1648 ?
wtv-partner Unknown 1638
wtv-passport Authentication for Passport accounts within WebTV/MSN TV. Currently only seen in use for Messenger login process 1654 Yes


Service Name Description Common Ports Supports SECURE method?
wtv-register Handles registration of new boxes 1607 Yes
wtv-setup User settings service. Also hosted the background music files for some reason 1613 Yes
wtv-smartcard Supposedly a service used to handle smartcards. Didn't have any practical use 1632 ?
wtv-spot Spot ad service 1642 ?
wtv-star Serves pages for service maintenance 1603 No(?)
wtv-tricks Hosts Tricks service. Originally a restricted area linking to a bunch of pages designed to debug(?) the service. Also hosts redirect URLs for various parts of the WebTV/MSN TV service 1602 Yes
wtv-tutorial Possibly for a tutorial section of the service 1636 ?
wtv-video Despite the name, wtv-video not only hosts video content, but music content for karaoke as well 1634 ?
wtv-vod Unknown 1653


Service Name Description Common Ports Supports SECURE method?
wtv-* Possibly a duplicate of wtv-star 1603 ?